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Follow the rules ... thank you.
Because this is a shared workspace all parties must be on their best behaviour:

In order to preserve your safety and maintain the integrity of your teacher and school, there are some rules you need to follow before you post or comment on this "wiki".

  1. Do not give away your e-mail address, IM, phone number, or any other personal information.
  2. Do not link to your personal blog, Facebook, or other web site. That invites anyone who reads this wiki to visit it, and there may be things you don’t want just anybody to see.
  3. Make sure the tone of discourse is civil. If you wish to share your opinion or disagree, there are ways to do this that invite intelligent debate. In that same vein, remember you are representing your school when you post here, and you may not criticize other groups, schools, or organizations in the name of your school.
  4. Be sure to check your posts for grammar, mechanics, usage, and spelling. It might be helpful to type it in a word processing program first. Remember, too, that this is writing for school. If you wouldn’t turn it in to your strictest teacher, don’t post it here.
  5. Make sure you have permission before you write about others, even if it is praise. People have differing levels of comfort with sharing information on the web.
  6. Share your sources. If you used other web sites or books to defend an argument, link to them so your readers can check them out, too.
  7. Make sure the post is relevant to education. Post your academic writing, important club events, reporting on school, etc., but don’t share your weekend plans or goofy online quiz results.

Rules borrowed from Blog 303 (which no longer exists?? Link is MIA??); however, they did originate with huffenglish.