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Welcome ELA30-2 students! This is our main "WAR-pedia" page. We will be using this as our home base as you work through your "Wiki Inquiry Project." After your individual "WAR-pedia" pages are completed we will provide links to them on this page.
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WAR-pedia Mission*

Your mission? To build a Wiki page for the "WAR-pedia" Coalition, with the help of your battalion of course. What is a Wiki you ask? Click here to learn more.


Develop a "War-pedia" page that educates others about the Canadian war hero your battalion has chosen to investigate. (See the list provided below.) You will become THE information experts on your subject. Here's the kicker ... you CANNOT use the Wikipedia page already created for your hero. You pledged allegiance to the "WAR-pedia" Coalition, therefore you must fulfill your mission. No, you may not killyour rivals at Wikipedia and steal their intel. Scurvy knaves!

Canadian War Heroes (WWI)
William Avery Bishop (Billy Bishop)William George Barker (Billy Barker)John McCraeHenry NorwestSir Arthur CurrieThomas George PrinceSir William Stephenson
Other ... If you have anothersoldierin mind, you must report to your CO for approval. Approval is based on the number of "good" websites you can find about the person.

Each battalion will email their choices to me. Remember: it is first come, first served (Gmail time stamps all incoming mail). Choose a first and second choice, please. Your CO's email is:

Learn to work cooperatively and effectively with others. Together you will decide who will research which "WAR-pedia Contents". (See the list provided below.) As a battalion, you will also decide who will do what jobs to ensure your mission is successful!

WAR-pedia Contents
Early LifeCombat Experiences (Choose the most important experiences)Honours & TributesLife After the War (if applicable)LegacyReferences (External Sources)

1) No copying and pasting is permitted on your final "WAR-pedia" page. All found information must be put into your own words or paraphrased! No exceptions!
2) All sources (found information, even if paraphrased) must be cited. You may use eitherEasybib or Bibmeto aid you in the citation process.
3) The 2 - 3 images used for added information will also include external links.
4) You must use a minimum of four sources (for the found information, images are excluded from this total).
5) Use the Research and Citation pageto assist you with the "Recce" part of your mission.
6) Once you are done or nearly done, use the Inquiry and Presentation Checklist (provided below) as a guide-- it will help you double check that you haven't missed any important steps in the assignment.

Exemplar Pages:Terry FoxNorman BethuneTommy Douglas
A copy of the assignment and the evaluation rubric (ELA 30-2 Wiki Inquiry Project) can be found below:

GOOD LUCK! I look forward to seeing your completed WAR-pedia page!