How to set up a Twitter account

Twitter in under 2 minutes:

Twitter in under 10 minutes:

How to make a Twitter Account (via wikiHow):
(This site walks you through the process using illustrative images)

How a Twitter Chat Works (Lara Zuehlke)

How to Twitter Chat (Jodie Morgenson)
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Twitter Chat Expectations
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School Twitter Accounts
1) Please use your school username. eg. NLB4119
2) Use the right #hashtag during Twitter chats. eg. #SDN13
3) Follow your school's social media policy. eg. WRSD

Our First Twitter Chat

Twitter Links for Anyone


TweetDeck by Twitter (install the Chrome app, please)

TechSoup Wiki for Beginners

Twitter Guidebook by Mashable

What is a Twitter chat?

How does a Twitter chat work?

Tweet Chats 101: Tips for Success (Moderators, Participants & Guests)

Twitter Chat Basics (slideshow):

Twitter Links for Teachers

Teaching with Twitter Chats

Introductory Twitter Chat Activities

Saving Twitter Chat Archives

Using Storify to archive Twitter chats (YouTube demo)

Archive Examplar


Storify Bookmarklet

Twitter Rubric