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Welcome to The Creative Cow page!

You lookin' at me?

Here's the challenge: How creative are you?

1) Write a 6-word "Memoir" sentence about your book (summarize the book's key theme in 6-words -- yup that's all you get, or need). To make it even more challenging use contrasting ideas / motifs (Love and Hate; Fate and Freewill).

2) Write an email from one character to another. Only use hints and clues. Make up a username for your character -- and the one you are emailing. In the email make a request or clarify an event or situation that happened in the book. We should (eventually -- if you made it challenging enough) be able to guess who wrote it and who the email was intended for.

3) Come up with your own creative cow assignment for this page and share it with us! Perhaps you could find a challenging "ELA" game??

Examples may be posted using the discussion page or you can link a page / site / document to this one.

The Creative Cow and others look forward to your "creation".

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