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This wiki page contains the instructional / learning materials associated with the Character Role-play Using Twitter ID Project I designed (Summer 2013). This project and its materials are part of the EdTech 503 Instructional Design course, which is a requirement for the MET program at Boise State University.

Presentation Materials for Instruction:

Role-play Task Presentation updated

Mindomo Task Analysis Flowchart - Visual Overview of Instructional Steps

Make your own mind maps with Mindomo.

Exemplars of Role-play Tweets

Notable Role-play Tweeters

Exemplar Tweets for Macbeth

Instructional Handouts:

Character Profile (Preliminary Form)

Character Graphic Organizer

Self-assessment Piece: Who Am I? (assignment)

Observational Checklists (Tables 1 & 2)

Personal Response to Text Rubric

Review or Summarizing Strategies

3-2-1 Summary
Strategies for Reading Comprehension (RQ explains what the "3-2-1 Summary" is and how it works)
3-2-1 Summary (handout - what the learner's view)

Three-Minute Pause
Strategies for Reading Comprehension (RQ explains what the "Three-minute Pause" is and how it works)
Three-Minute Pause (handout - what the learner's view)

ReadingQuest (home page)

Instructional Overview - Visual Diagrams of Instructional Phases

Task Analysis Flowchart (Overview of each instructional phase)

Prerequisite Analysis Flowchart (Overview of the prerequisite skills needed for Twitter)

Going further ...

These materials have been included to assist either the learner or the instructor:

Do you need to review "voice"? If so, try these links:
The Writer's Voice: Ten Writers on Writing ( article)
Word choice (video excerpt from Friends)

Why Twitter is Important, and more:
10 Great Uses of Twitter: Why Twitter ( article)
Top 10 Uses of Twitter (that Aren't Self-Indulgent) ( article)
How to Use Twitter (wikiHow article)
A Teacher's Guide to Twitter ( article)

Why graphic organizers?
Instructional Strategies Online: What are graphic organizers? (Teacher resource)
Graphic Organizers for High School Students (What GO's are and why teachers and students should use them!)
The Lost Art of Note Taking (blog post by Michael Hyatt)
Graphic Organizers (several exemplars included, scroll down to CharacterStudyGO1)