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Who's in the HOUSE? Your old self or your new self?

Let's meet, build profiles, share stories. The time is now.

In the long history of humankind those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed."

~ Charles Darwin

"It's not just about consuming content, but sharing it, passing it on, and adding to it."


Where to begin? Choose an important character from the play A Doll’s House. Become that character. Leave the old self behind; welcome the new self. Step into a brave new world. From this point onward you will Diig, Blog, Tweet, Interact, Create, Share; and more importantly, you will be "Social-able". (FYI: No lurkers, please.)

Together we will build a new world. To succeed we must collaborate, innovate and share. Open the door, a "new self" awaits.

Reminder: Use your assigned user name, school email and password. Honour the school AUP.

How to build your "new" self using social media tools:

Diig 'em up (Research x3)
Using Diigo and the diigolet, bookmark and share three A Doll’s House based sites (minimum) with the ELA30-1 group. These sites may include the following: character analyses, Ibsen's life and times, Victorian conventions, gender roles, class structure, historical perspectives (time and place -- according to the play). No repeats. If your site has already been bookmarked and shared, find another. These "shared" sites will help you build your character profile. Try the highlight / sticky note features at least once. Indicate your favourite link (tell us why you like it) via topic post, comment or Diigo features.

The Insider (Words x10)
Every time your character has a scene in the play, write a blog entry. Peel back the layers -- get to the character's "heart" and "soul". Choose a template that suits the character's personality. Add profile details, photos, and interests. Use prose. Follow blog conventions. Consider purpose and audience. Include 10 entries (For options, see MASH-UPS.)

A good "free" blog platform is: Wordpress or Weebly.

TnT (140 character limit x10)
Choose a micro-blogging site: either Twitter or Tumblr. Tweet 'n Tumbl with other ADH players only. Share pictures, links, videos, and quotes. All posts should reflect your character's true self. Shorter is better. For convenience sake, download the apps (IOS or Android available). There is a 10 post minimum.

Edmodo Square
We will use the Edmodo site as our home base or town square. Here we will post reminders, blog addresses, TnT handles, and any other important links or updates. Posts like these will encourage more "socialization", so post often. All questions, concerns and advice should be posted here as well. The Edmodo app is available on demand. Our group is ELA30-1, please use the right access code.

  • x3 Diigo posts (no repeats; highlight / use sticky note / identify fave)
  • x10 Blog posts (every time the character has a scene, post)
  • x10 TnT posts (share insights)
  • Meet in the Town Hall to update / participate / innovate
  • x10 Interactions eg. comment on Diigo bookmark or start a topic, respond (while in character) to other character's blogs, tweet and tumbl with each other, visit Town Hall etc. Variety is the spice of life -- try different types of interactions! BE SOCIABLE! (Remember: No lurkers, please.)

If you want some alternatives to "The Insider" posts, consider one of the following activities:
  • Podcast -- Record your character's most important speech and post it on your blog. (Length: approx 1 - 1.5 minutes) Consider using one of the following: Audacity, Wave Pad, Power Sound Editor (freeware) or a phone app like AudioBoo.
  • VoiceThread -- same idea as above, just a different Social Media 2.0 tool
  • FlipIT #1 - Using a flip camera/phone camera, record yourself (in character; costumes welcome) performing a soliloquy; post or embed this speech on your blog. (Length: approx. 1 - 1.5 minutes)
  • FlipIT #2 -- Round up your fellow players and perform a key scene; each of you may post or embed this recorded scene on your blog. (Length: approx 1.5 minutes per player)
  • Other? See Ibsen-Barker (alternative must utilize Social Medai 2.0 tools).
  • Rap? Parody?


P.S. Interacting with Ibsen-Barker is NOT optional ... DURR!?

Note: This page was created for EdTech 502. It is based on a project I originally developed for the play, Othello.
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